Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Van-CUE-ver, BC

In 2008, Danielle D took a visit to Memphis Blues Barbecue House in Vancouver, B.C
Below are a few cell phone pics she sent me:

I have a copy of the "Memphis Blues - Bringing Southern BBQ Home' cookbook and it's quite good.

Unfortunately,I've never had a chance to check out the restaurant yet, but hear rave reviews and it's definately on the radar.

After posting the previous story about cue in Vancouver, I pulled out some pics I was sent by Tanya V in 2009 after her visit to DIX BBQ & Brewery in Vancouver, B.C. Foodwise reviews for DIX had been up and down, most folks saying it was a better place for a beer than a meal....which is why it closed it's doors earlier this year to become a brewpub. Ah well, here are some of the pics she sent me back in 2009.

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